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Negotiations between actors and studios stalled

Negotiations between actors and studios stalled

Although the studios agreed with the screenwriters, the strike atmosphere in Hollywood does not subside.

Although the screenwriters have reached an agreement with the Hollywood studios, the actors are still on strike, and based on the current state of negotiations, it will remain that way for some time.

On Wednesday, negotiations between AMPTP, the Association of Classical Studios and Streaming Providers, and the actors’ union, SAG-AFTRA, stalled. the diverse He writes that according to the former, there is too big a gap between the aspirations of the two parties, while the latter believes that the AMPTP is pushing particularly violent tactics, and instead of considering the SAG-AFTRA offer, they would rather get up from the negotiating table and leave. The Actors’ Union described the negotiations as deeply disappointing, and encouraged union members to once again take their place among the strikers as a sign of their solidarity.

We negotiated with them in good faith, although their offer last week was quite shocking: they offered less than they had before the strike.

SAG-AFTRA said in a statement.

The most sensitive point in the debate is the issue of post-broadcast equity. The Actors Guild wants a 2 percent share, but the studios do not accept that, arguing that this would mean $800 million annually, which would constitute a major economic burden on them. According to SAG-AFTRA, this is a huge exaggeration, as their proposal would cost them 57 cents per user per year.

They have not reached an agreement in the field of artificial intelligence either, and they believe that the position of the studios is unclear on this topic as well, which, according to the Coal Union, characterizes the entire AMPTP tactic.

They are using the same failed strategy against us as against the WGA (Writers Guild – Editor): they are trying to deceive our members with misleading information in order to sway them into solidarity and pressure our negotiators. But just like writers, our members are smarter than that, and they can’t fool us

– The newspaper quotes the ad.

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