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7 amazing places where divine bites await us

7 amazing places where divine bites await us

The country's tastiest croissants, heavenly cakes, the best traditional and international flavours, authentic Italian dishes and many cozy restaurants are waiting to dazzle you.


Beneath over a hundred-year-old chestnut trees lies a tranquil oasis of Buda, where traditional and new flavors can be enjoyed as if time had stopped for a moment. It is a true culinary journey, during which we can find everything that stimulates our eyes and mouth by choosing between dishes made with the freshest seasonal ingredients.

Whether it's cakes made based on family recipes, vegetarian dishes, venison with porcini mushrooms, salmon baked on an iron plate, or even a wonderful selection of cheeses. But all this is just a taste of the menu at Gardenette, whose exquisite dishes can be enjoyed in the magical Garden Room in the summer, and in the fantastical Conservatory in the winter.

1112 Budapest, Németvölgyi út 13. | website | Facebook


Normava Ski House Restaurant

We can find Normafa's best treasures in the recently renovated Normafa Ski Restaurant, where they tried to take care of everyone's needs when developing the menu. In this way, the menu pays homage to traditional Hungarian dishes, while fans of Asian, Italian and French flavors will not be disappointed in the restaurant. If we wanted to try our grandmother's cooking, we could order Baja fish soup and paprika chicken, but if we wanted to sail in international waters, pho, pizza, cauliflower steak, salmon, and countless other delicacies await us here.

1121 Budapest, Eötvös út 59. | website | Facebook

Photo: Gerjo Gosztom

Freyja – The Story of the Croissant

At the foot of the Buda Mountains, surrounded by ancient trees, you can find the capital's croissant heaven, where they create their beautiful 27-layer butter wonders in 4 days, using their own flour and one of the finest French butters, based on a Scandinavian recipe. In addition to the golden-brown, crispy and crumbly pastry dough, they also pay attention to the filling, so that the most diverse flavor combinations are made with premium ingredients and seasonal fruits.

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Thus, in addition to the eternal pistachio croissants, they repeatedly surprise their guests with a changing and diverse offer of sourdough and puff pastry. Before or after the trip, their shop in Buda is one of the most amazing places where you can relax, but if you're staying on the Pest side of town, you won't have to do without them either.

1021 Budapest Vadaskerti Street 1-3. | 1074 Budapest, Szovice st. 10-12. | website | Facebook

Photography: Freja – The Croissant Story (Facebook)

Lovas sweets

Sweet taste experiences can be further enhanced at the Lovaas Confectionery Factory, where the Lovaas couple have developed their recipes according to Dubner's main principle, complementing their own experiments. In other words, they use simple but high-quality ingredients, and they don't change the cakes often in their pastry shop. In addition, when preparing desserts and cakes, they make sure to fill their tables with the healthiest desserts possible.

Thanks to this, the typical flavors of their ingredients can be detected more clearly in the desserts, among which we can also find complimentary pieces. All of this can be complemented with specialty coffee, hot chocolate made according to our own recipe, tea, lemonade, smoothies or various fruit juices, to complete the experience.

1028 Budapest, Hidekuti út 167. | website | Facebook

Photo: Lovas Kokraszda (Facebook)

Other great pastry shops in Budapest:

Fenugyeonggi Guest House

Fenyőgyöngye Vendéglő has been waiting for us since 1935 with quiet Hungarian flavours, large portions and hospitality in the traditional sense, which could even be one of the best starting points for tours of Hármashatár Mountain. In addition to the usual fried dishes, their menu offers the largest selection of fish, poultry, pork, liver and beef dishes.

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In addition, there will not be enough hands to count each actor to display their soup and dessert. Moreover, children and vegetarians in the restaurant were also taken into account when creating the menu. So, if you visit this cute and cozy restaurant once, you can definitely make a second visit to experience the best of its delicious dishes.

1025 Budapest, Szépvölgyi út 155. | website | Facebook


Bistro Studio

In the renovated Pannónia Stúdió building, we can find Studio Bistro with a style inspired by cinematography and a unique bohemian atmosphere, where the most delicious dishes from the current weekly menu are prepared from the freshest ingredients appropriate to the season. The trio of starters, main course and dessert can be chosen from the menu, and among the dishes, in addition to traditional flavours, you can also try masterpieces of international cuisine. It would be a sin to miss the wonderful dessert dishes, especially the world-famous tiramisu.

1021 Budapest, Hűvösvölgyi út 64. | Facebook

Photo: Bistro Studio (Facebook)

Trattoria Prato

If we want to sneak a little sunshine into our daily lives during the cold winter months, we can bring a true Mediterranean feel to life with a restaurant hidden on the Nagyrét side of Külövölgy. Because Trattoria Prato is waiting to dazzle our taste buds with the finest Italian flavours. The guarantee of quality here is the infallible Italian chef, thanks to whom we can pamper body and soul with authentic Italian flavours, pasta dishes, Roman-style pizza and various desserts.

1029 Budapest, Nagyret St. 22. | website | Facebook

Photo: Trattoria Prato Restaurant (Facebook)

If you can discover the Dolce Vita lifestyle in more places in the capital:

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