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Message | How can Hong Kong comfortably host US and Chinese business interests?

Message |  How can Hong Kong comfortably host US and Chinese business interests?
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The U.S. Chamber of Commerce recently released its business sentiment survey. He noted that more companies are optimistic (34 percent) than pessimistic (26 percent) about business conditions in Hong Kong in 2024, while 40 percent remain neutral.

Something must be done to boost the confidence of that 40 percent. Understandably, companies are wary about potential challenges – tensions Sino-American relationsdeceleration Chinese economy and public perceptions abroad of Hong Kong as a top three.

However, a key role for Hong Kong to play is as a stabilizing factor that brings together business interests from both the mainland and the United States. I have three suggestions.

First, diversify the talent pool. Because Hong Kong is safe and will be safer from the government's perspective, we must direct our energy toward strengthening the city's position as an international financial center. InvestHK and the Trade and Economic Development Office should work closely with chambers and consulates to provide talent programs that welcome expatriates.

Second, focus more on Hong Kong's interests when cooperating with mainland cities. While 76% of respondents to a US Chamber of Commerce survey view Hong Kong as highly competitive due to its international connectivity, free flow of capital, and simple tax system, the government must be careful not to shoot itself in the foot. It can be considered cowardly from the point of view of the average resident if the government does not stand its ground regarding the above benefits.

third, US sanctions It should be avoided as much as possible. When asked why Hong Kong buyers are reluctant to purchase US goods and services, 70 percent said they were concerned that sanctions imposed by the United States would affect the future, and 38 percent believed that reducing regulatory measures against Hong Kong would help improve the situation. The relationship between the United States and Hong Kong. Fewer locals buy into the rhetoric that any kind of sanctions on Hong Kong help us. They hurt us all.

Let us not forget the business factors that make Hong Kong unique: global connectivity, free flow of capital and information, our tax system, legal framework, being the gateway to and from mainland China, and world-class infrastructure and transportation, to name a few. . Most importantly, we love welcoming foreigners to visit the city we call home.

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Despite the challenges, Hong Kong is on the rise.

S. Qing Chui, Peng Zhao

MTR coordinates with airlines regarding in-city check-in

I am writing in response the message, “Why is there no check-in within the city?” (January 30).

Airport Express has proudly served Hong Kong for over 25 years, providing fast and convenient airport transfers to both domestic and overseas passengers. In-city check-in service was introduced when we planned to build the Airport Express Line. This infrastructure, which was pioneering in Hong Kong at the time, was particularly well received by passengers.

MTR has closely coordinated and coordinated with our airline partners to resume check-in service within the city, keeping in mind the gradual recovery of air traffic. Through joint efforts with the relevant airline, service hours at the Airport Express Hong Kong terminal have been extended to 11pm starting February 1. The company will continue to coordinate with other airlines regarding their service arrangements.

In addition, we have introduced comprehensive smart self-service check-in and bag drop, in line with procedures at Hong Kong International Airport. This improvement aims to provide passengers with a seamless travel experience on board the Airport Express train to the airport.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Veronica Tse, Senior Corporate Communications Manager – Hong Kong Transport Services, MTR

Hong Kong still has a lot to offer visitors

Contrary to naysayers who are under the impression that Hong Kong has lost its charm, the city remains a popular destination. I was born and raised in Hong Kong, and have always been proud of my vibrant home.

our skyscrapersEspecially those on Hong Kong Island, which are architectural wonders that carry historical and cultural importance. They ignore the hustle and bustle on the ground. Hong Kong people are the embodiment of the can-do spirit; They are efficient, always on the go, and resilient in the face of adversity. Visitors will encounter their serious attitude when being served in stores or restaurants.
The city's excellent public transportation system makes it very easy to get around. Aside from the subway, public buses, minibuses and taxis, there are ferries for those who want to visit the outlying islands. Hong Kong also has a lot Walking spaceCountry parks and beaches for nature lovers.

People speak a fair amount of English and Mandarin, so if tourists get lost or need help, Hong Kong residents are sure to lend a helping hand. Hong Kong is also very safe as it is rarely affected by natural disasters and has a low crime rate.

If visitors want to learn more about Chinese culture, they should include Chico Center And the Palace Museum In their paths.

Jason Tang, Tin Shui Wai

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