According to Biden, Sino-US relations will improve soon

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2023-05-21 20:02:00

Although he didn’t say anything specific, his words exuded optimism.

We do not want to separate from China. At the press conference held after the G7 summit in Hiroshima, the US President stated that we seek to reduce risks and diversify our relationship with China.

According to Joe Biden, the G7 countries are more united than ever before to “jointly resist economic coercion and act against practices that harm workers.”

Earlier, Beijing called on the group to stop confrontation as well as fomenting divisions. However, despite this, Biden is optimistic that the frozen relations will thaw very soon. Relations between the two countries soured after the United States shot down a Chinese balloon earlier this year that was collecting data from sensitive military sites.

The politician pointed out the need to maintain a hot line between the two countries. As he said, at last year’s G-20 summit in Bali, Indonesia, he agreed with Chinese President Xi Jinping to maintain communication channels. But everything changed “after that stupid balloon with two vans of spy gear.”

Biden’s statement indicated that the relationship between the two countries could change soon. “I think they will soon see signs of calming down,” the US president said.

Regarding the tension between China and Taiwan, he said that there is a clear consensus among most allies that if China acts unilaterally against the island of Taiwan, it will take countermeasures. We will not tell China what to do, but we will put Taiwan in a position to defend itself. Biden said As reported by Reuters.

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