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Korean restaurant in downtown Timisoara: Mix by Woktagon

Korean restaurant in downtown Timisoara: Mix by Woktagon

Instead of the authentic Greek restaurant Kos, the Korean restaurant “Mix by Woktagon” opened this year on the corner of Lenau utca and Erzsébet utca, and looks more viable. We might think that there is a connection between the restaurant in question and a restaurant that opened only a year ago Korean K-Mart store In between, but as I found out from our server, they know them and buy this and that from them, but the place is under different ownership.

The interior, which has been completely transformed in its decor, is clean, austere and likable.

Photo: taken by the author

At the moment, operators do not take advantage of the opportunity to increase publicity that the Internet provides, and seem to rely solely on street traffic and word of mouth, and on the fact that satisfied guests spread the word about the place. This definitely worked in our case.

It is a fact that this part of the city still belongs to the catchment area of ​​Losonczy tér, where catering establishments are allies rather than competitors. If we just look at the first two sections of Erzsébet utca, which are less than 200 meters long, with an open Woktagon in the middle, there are more than half a dozen places operating here, including perhaps the best Italian restaurant in town, Locanda del Corsohigh quality beer house, and Beretta Taproompljeskavica’s most popular restaurant, Lera’s, one of the best restaurants in Japan, the recently opened Riyo Wok & Sushi, a specialty café among the best restaurants, Cofferize Botanic, the only Vietnamese restaurant in the coastal town of Bega, which has enjoyed uninterrupted popularity since its opening. Little Hanoiperhaps the most fascinating underground café, beer and wine bar, Steakbar DOI, which represents quality steak in all genres and accompanies Spanish wines with Middle Eastern dishes and steaks, which I have already mentioned in this column.

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Back to Mix by Woktagon, the only internet source that the most popular search engine displays the full name of the restaurant is Reddit post Chat started by It’s not easy to find their official website either.

But the food speaks for them. The selection is easy to understand, and those waiting for their guests with a long list will not make a mistake. We especially appreciated the fact that we had not encountered many of their dishes in Korean restaurants in the area.

We ordered two of the three appetizers. Probably the crab with the crispy coating covering Merlet’s “torpedo,” so to speak, as it is given under that title everywhere, and it was not difficult to part with it.

However, “Gimmari & Mandu” sounded good. We’ve already met the latest member of the Korean street food pantheon on menus, on plates, and even in Korean stores. The Korean version of Chinese dim sum or Japanese gyoza proves to be delicious in terms of taste and texture. Jimmar was new to us, but he blew me away the first time. Vegetable rolls made from tempura glass dough, which are wrapped in a sheet of seaweed, i.e. nori, are an extremely popular dish, and not just in her country: countless recipes in English jump out at us when we search for them. Stop Here’s one Who is this.

One of our second appetizer items was also gemari, but they also served tteokbokki, which is actually the most popular Hungarian recipe site. On one of them It can be found. We weren’t asked to do this, so we may have been violating the rule, but we dipped the jimiri into the thick, concentrated flavor of titokbokki before extracting the latter. The two were especially good together.

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Photo: taken by the author

We ordered kimchijeon, which is called “Korean pancake” in English, although the Hungarian word “pancake” doesn’t fully cover this. Anyway, we got an interesting and delicious dish that encouraged reproduction, which, as expected, was more like American pie. Searching in quotation marks, that is, for this particular dish, yields nearly a hundred thousand results, Let’s see one.

Many people make kimchi at home, and many of my friends and family members have started trying this spicy Korean pickle. The truth is that if you only eat it as a side dish, it becomes boring. The idea of ​​a recipe that uses it as an ingredient will come in handy.

If someone wants to try making kimchi, I recommend the original source of all stomach blogs, The Magical Chef, Follow his instructions.

Staying true to the kimchi line, we ordered the only three “chili” dishes on the menu, the kimchi jjigae, which was served hot in a metal bowl with a side of rice. We’ve tasted a thick kimchi-based soup before, and this version with tofu and pork was very good. By the way, for this catch Hungarian Wikipedia page There is also, unlike the previous sites, let me insert a recipe here, from the most curated Korean recipe site, at least the recipe usually appears as the first result, if For Korean food We are looking for him.

Photo: taken by the author

On the drinks menu, we don’t find wine or spirits on our terms at all, it mainly offers soft drinks imported from Korea, along with coffee, tea, hot chocolate, fresh orange juice and lemonade. On the other hand, they have two types of soju, Korean fermented rice, burnt liquor, 16.5 and 20 degrees, and two types of Paulaner and Asahi beers.

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The service is nice, polite and friendly and the prices are reasonable. For four dishes, including three drinks and packaging, approx. I paid the equivalent of 15,000 Hungarian Forints.

It was a fun, exciting and thought-provoking adventure at Woktagon, and we would recommend the place to others.

One of our eyes is crying and the other is laughing.

We are sorry to see the closure of Kos Restaurant, which was a new place in the center of Timisoara, but we can be happy that a restaurant that fills the gap has taken its place.


Mix of octagon

Timisoara, Lenau (currently known as Gheorghe Lazar Street) 8.

Phone number: +40 771 758 517


COVER PHOTO: A crab wearing a crunchy coating is believed to cover a merlite ‘torpedo’. (Author registration)

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