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Kaddish is given in the synagogue A new word with us

Kaddish is given in the synagogue  A new word with us


Tickets are now available for the October 30 show, a monodrama based on Imre Kertesz’s novel titled Kaddis, ag nem bezőgő gırmekért, which will be performed by Sandor Lukács at the Synagogue in Győr.


Those who want to buy tickets for Pódium Színpad performances will have to get up early, as, for example, tickets for the play scheduled for October 12 have long been sold out. However, the Prodior office organizes, every month there is a stellar production from Győr, and on October 30, the film “Kaddist”, based on the novel by Imre Kertész, will be shown, and Sándor Lukács will perform the monodrama.

The performance will be presented at the Gyor Synagogue at 8 pm in a sacred and special atmosphere befitting the work directed by Robert Voros. The show is one part and is an hour and a half long. “Sandor Lukács’ unforgettable performance and Kertesz’s stunning script help us confront one of humanity’s greatest tragedies and look at its impact on future generations from a new perspective,” they write, then announce the venue:

“The specificity of the venue contributes greatly to the spirit of our performance. This holy place has exceptionally good acoustics, so we will not use sound reinforcements. We will only play sound effects related to the performance. As is known, the synagogue has never had a wardrobe before, so there are Regular “self-catering” clothes hangers. Please use these hangers responsibly and with understanding. We recommend that you do not leave valuables in your pockets, as we cannot guarantee the preservation of jackets. A ticket purchased guarantees a seat reservation until the start of the performance. Unfortunately, in order to ensure a smooth performance, no We can admit spectators who arrive after the show has started!” – says the organizing office on its website.

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the tickets here I can take.

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