If Hungary applies for EU membership today, it will be necessary to examine how it stands for the rule of law and corruption-free public life, the European Commission president said.

Ursula von der Leyen said at a discussion in Brussels, where he participated in the meeting, that the accession of ten new members to the European Union on May 1, 2004 was a success story. People's word Share also. According to the newspaper, the President of the European Commission spoke about how the largest enlargement of the European Union gave a major boost to the European economy, and since then unemployment in the ten new member states has been reduced by half, and the entire European Union has learned a lot from the “bitter experience” that Central Europe obtained from the Union. Soviet.

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On the question of whether Hungary would be accepted into the EU if it wanted to join today, von der Leyen gave a politely evasive answer: In that case, Hungary would wait for the same process as for all those wishing to join – but he emphasized that they would also study what… If the country meets the requirements of corruption-free public life as well as the rule of law and a stable justice system.

He also added: Hungary has given a great gift to the European Union and to all of humanity in the person of Katalin Karikó. And we should appreciate that very much.