No one cares about the possibility of runner-up forever, except for the silver medalist

– Do you think last year’s second place can only be repeated, not surpassed, because Ferencvaros stands out so much on the field?
– exactly. We have reached our limit and repetition is no longer fully motivating. Last year, the players knew: if they won silver medals, they would be noticed, they wanted to show themselves, and four of the most important footballers chased after him. We can basically replace them from the inside with former players in the rings, like Drayton Kamaj, and then Jasir Asani, who left in the winter, which affected the creativity of our game.

I admit, I also lost a lot of motivation, I also needed new goals. I have proven with my colleagues that success can be achieved by organization and conscientious professional action, but I am not interested in the possibility of taking second place forever.

“Didn’t you think you should sit on the bench now?”
– It occurred to me, but my task is to transfer knowledge home, and many study trips and conferences are included in my program. In addition to all this, if I were to coach at half-time, I would cheat the club and the players, and I confess I wouldn’t even find happiness in this job.

Photo: National Sport/Péter Kovacs

“And what will you find in it?”
– For example, in the academy, building the future, developing a different game style, because soon our players will also be strong. We started working three years ago, seeing young people, we have great opportunities, but we still need some time.

– It’s a joke of fate that they only beat Úpest this year, and László Török became the successor to the fired Lilacs coach. How did this happen?
– I already talked a lot with Milos Krusic in Belgrade over the winter. I saw that he could be of great use to us, we kept in touch afterwards, and when he was free, I pounced on him. Negotiations with four more coaches have already reached a serious level, for example, I have already traveled to Spain with the intention of returning home with a new coach, but for some reason all contracts fail at the last moment: either too high, or confidence in me has fallen.

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– What is the goal of the remaining nine rounds with the new coach?
“Third place.” It’s totally realistic and we’ll get there.

Cover image: Instead of creative ideas, Attila Reeves only received samples from former employees (Photo: MTI/Zsolt Czeglédy)

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