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Julija of Neighbors Mágenheim turns 68 today: This is what Edit Frajt looks like now – Local Star

Julija of Neighbors Mágenheim turns 68 today: This is what Edit Frajt looks like now – Local Star

Free shipping – Magenheim Julie: It is no exaggeration to say that these two names have almost merged. From 1987 to 1999, audiences could see the 68-year-old actress in Neighbors as the wife of Dr. Magenheim.

On November 2, 1955, Edit Farajt was born in Budapest. Interestingly, even though he became one of the most famous actors in the country, he never dreamed of becoming an actor.

Edit Farragt’s Birthday

When he was a student, he wanted a completely different career: he wanted to become a pediatrician. Although he was good at Latin, physics and mathematics were not very good.

Finally, he submitted his application to the College of Applied Arts, but was not accepted there. After all this, the question arises: how did theater finally enter his life?

– After graduation, I accompanied an acquaintance of mine who applied to the KISZ Central Artists Ensemble; They said that while I’m here, I should say something too. I read a poem – they advised me to visit them – I remembered A hot! In a magazine.

The article continues after the recommendation

How do you age well? – A happy life does not depend on age

January guest of Femina Club Pataki branch He will be a model for the star, a producer with him Nora Szeli, the evening’s host talks, among other things, about how to cope with the passage of time. Why is humor and self-reflection important? How can we take care of our physical and mental health? Why is it important to maintain our social relationships even at this stage of life?

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You can read the fine print about the evening here:

Tickets are only available onlinein limited quantities.

date: January 15, 2024, 6 p.m

location: Thalia Theater


Finally, here he was told that he could try to enroll in the then College of Theater and Film Arts, where he was successfully accepted.

After graduating, he got roles in films such as Requiem or Temporary Paradise. Then came the movie Neighbors in 1987, which turned his life upside down.

Although he is still active in plays and does a lot of dubbing, if you ask him to do a daily soap, he definitely won’t say yes.

– By the way, there are series in which I feel comfortable as a dubbing actor. Now there’s a Turkish and a Mexican in turn, and they’re multi-part, and I’m really enjoying the work.

The relationship between Anita Appel and János Kulka

In Neighbors, János Kulka played emergency physician Adam Magenheim, and Anita Appel played his eldest daughter, Julsie, who transforms from teenager to teenager and then to young woman before the eyes of television viewers.

Cover image: MTI/Szabolcs Hámor

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