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Netflix's modernity heroine is waking up like a ghostly bottle

Netflix’s modernity heroine is waking up like a ghostly bottle

Was it buried underground? Are you in a hospital but no one has noticed that you are recovering? These and other similar issues swirl in the head of a woman who wakes up in a futuristic slumber capsule. The protagonist of the novel by French director Alexandre Aga (Mirrors, Horns, Breda), whom we later discover as Liz, is sexy from the first moment, because he does not remember his past. Netflix’s new production doesn’t think too much with setting the rules of the game: For the sake of AI, he tells Liz that he ran out of air due to a system failure, so he must do so to survive.

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As the story progresses, the viewer may suffer from claustrophobia along with Liz, who is confined to a confined space / Image: Netflix

In 2010, Ryan Reynolds starred in the movie Buried, where an American man named Paul Conroy, who works in Iraq, gets back in a coffin, and some things, like his lighter, pen, and BlackBerry cell phone, weren’t. He had a very different company until the end of the story. The production was built on similar grounds as Oxygen Now, as it was the drama of the room whose hero is so easily recognizable to despair. Buried Alive’s success is largely due to Reynolds-inspired, and we see something similar in Mélanie Laurent’s Netflix novelty. The French actress howls, sweats, cries, while not only claustrophobia reigns supreme, but we definitely do too, even though we only watch Liz as she walks Hell in front of a screen.

Oxygen is a true emotional rollercoaster, in which Liz not only talks to an AI called MILO, but also to the police, her mother, and a mysterious stranger as she tries to piece together how she got into the futuristic capsule. Adding to the tension, of course, is that the protagonist is running out of time, and if his air drops below 2%, he has no chance of survival. This is the movie that is not worth looking into, because usually it is a work in which it does not matter the arrival, but rather the journey there. Oxygen is nowhere near the normal action thriller that pretty much blows your nerves within an hour and a half of gaming time.

It takes about 50 minutes for Liz to meet and most of the picture, but the story holds surprises even at the end. Another problem is that no more than one or two of these things can be really shocking. The main twist can actually be guessed smoothly based on a poster or movie preview. Other than that, Oxygen, originally designed with Anne Hathaway and later Noomi Rapace, is nowhere predictable, but Queen of Ruins wouldn’t quite fit in that movie. The protagonist of the Prometheus film series and The Tattooed Girl is more than that, but Laurent’s performance can’t be a bad word, the French actress plays an amazing role all the way.

Netflix will soon try to bring viewers to the screen with its second science fiction movie. Compared to Anna Kendrick’s The A Trapper, which is a little picked, Oxygen doesn’t disappoint. Plus movies promising mega explosions and world-saving heroes In fact, there is a need for a quieter roommate drama that tears you out of gray everyday life for a few minutes and inspires you to reflect. Oxygen is not disappointing either in this regard.


Certain oxygen cycles can be predicted, However, in the role of Liz, Melanie Laurent and the world around her ask her so vividly that the filmmakers make the viewer insecure at certain points in the film. It’s best to sit in front of a Netflix production without knowing anything about the story other than the basics, so we can explore this futuristic mystery with the protagonist.


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