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Index – Tech-Tudomány – There is no stopping, after hell, Coca-Cola also came

Index – Tech-Tudomány – There is no stopping, after hell, Coca-Cola also came

Coca-Cola has created a limited-edition, sugar-free soft drink with the help of artificial intelligence. By creating the drink called Y3000, the company aims to present what soft drinks will be like in the future.

We hope Coca-Cola will be just as refreshing after the year 3000 as it is now, so we looked at what cola might have tasted like then and what experiences the drink could offer from the future

Tell Oana Vlad, Director of Global Strategy for The Coca-Cola Company.

Artificial intelligence was involved not only in the design of the flavor, but also in the design of the packaging. Violet, magenta, cyan, and silver colors appear on the packaging, giving the box a futuristic look.

There’s also a QR code on the soda can that takes you to a page called the Creations Hub, where anyone can see what the future the AI ​​imagines could look like using their own photos.

Image: Coca-Cola Company

As we wrote, Hell was the first beverage manufacturer to use AI. All elements, components, design and marketing tools of the Hungarian company tuttifrutti & berryblast’s product called HELL AI are designed by artificial intelligence. No one has ever started such a complex process in the beverage sector based on pure artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence created three different flavors and digitized them with the help of the technology of a New York company, that is, tasting the three drinks, then using predictive intelligence, after analyzing a lot of data and statistics, chose the flavor that would be the favorite. Winner, which goes to infinitely reusable beer cans.

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The recipe is completely secret, and the AI ​​has made suggestions to protect it. The recipe is stored on a computer with high-level security elements at the Hell Energy factory in Sixo, and the layout of the room containing the machine is also designed by artificial intelligence. The only copy of the recipe is in a Swiss cellar, and the product has been sold in sixty countries.

(Cover image: Hell Energy)