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Index – Tech-Tudomány – Index readers were also sensitively affected by the closure of Facebook on Tuesday

Index – Tech-Tudomány – Index readers were also sensitively affected by the closure of Facebook on Tuesday

As Index also wrote, Meta-related social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram and Threads, were shut down around 5:30pm on February 4. After four o'clock in the afternoon, the first reports came, and after half an hour, more than one hundred thousand, and finally more than 460 thousand error reports were received from all over the world.

The lockdown immediately inspired meme makers. Only users of X (formerly known as Twitter) can be happy about the IT problem, because the platform associated with Elon Musk has been working perfectly all along. Our collection of memes can be found at the link below. An expert also told our portal what could be the reason for the closure.

Andy Stone, a spokesman for Meta, said: They are aware of the problem and are working to find a solution to it. Speaker later Announce The company “resolved the problem as quickly as possible” and apologized for the inconvenience to everyone involved.

Regarding the perceived problem, many of our readers shared their experiences and asked us questions.

One of our readers pointed out that he could not return to his Facebook page, and that his messenger was “lost there.” He also asked how he could get his system back since his entire media relationship was built on it.

One of our readers shared his experience with a Facebook outage, saying that the system has not allowed him to get back into his account since the outage on Tuesday. Although he received the login code via email, he received an error message after entering it.

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After requesting the code again, he received the same string of characters over and over again. Our reader also tried another method of entry, including authenticating an identity document. The email in response stated that he could not be identified based on the ID provided, and sent another document showing the photo and year of birth. Our reader acted accordingly, trying to log in using the thousand-year-old passport and driver's license located at the bottom of his Google account, but was rejected several times by the system.

And here I am without a Facebook account, waiting for the miracle that Meta will solve the problem

Our reader described his experiences to us.

In response to our article on the Index, another reader shared the following:

I saw one on my phone this morning conditionWhich revealed that Facebook SMS codes are located on the World Wide Web without any encryption, and that the database is operated by a service provider in the Far East. The article was published a day before the notable shutdown.

It is possible that this has been discovered as a security vulnerability, but in this case it is not made public, for several reasons.

It's possible that the service was temporarily disabled during the shutdown, or that the codes have expired due to a time limit – suggests the author of the email to us, who himself was concerned that his account had been hacked and tried to send himself a code, but it didn't work for him as well as it did.

I learned something today too 5

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