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Index – sport – the Hungarian who mourned all over Australia

Australia 4-1 Argentina.

Not in cricket, nor in the Davis Cup tennis, but in football.

It’s unimaginable today, and that was in 1988, and yet it happened. Its bicentennial was celebrated Bicentennial Gold Cup The tournament is called that in 1788 Arthur Philip The Captain founded the first Australian settlement in Port Jackson, that is, the first settlement built by colonists.

Either way, the two giants from South America, Argentina and Brazil, among others, were invited to the tournament. In the first game of the Gold Cup, the Australian team lost 1-0 to Brazil, but if you look at it Carlos Alberto Silva Team captain assemble (Taffarel – Jorginho, Aloiso, Ricardo Gomes and Nelsinho – Ademir) [Milton], Giovanni Faldo – bald, Muller, Romario)We should not be surprised. The scorer was Romario.

Ferenc TrenchThe Australian director did not give up. He clashed with his sons, who beat Saudi Arabia 3-0 in the second match and then in the group’s final match in Sydney on July 14th. Carlos Salvador Bilardo This was followed by the world champion defending Argentina. Although Diego Maradona is not present, but not exactly with his puppy team: Carrots – Lorenzo, Lucca, Ruggeri, Garre; Hernan Diaz, Diego Simeone, Batista (Monzon), Cabrera (Dertesia) – Jose Luis Rodriguez, “El Toro” Aquino.

The result: 4-1 in favor of Australia Wade, Yanko (2) And the Buzhinovsky With goals Oscar Ruggeri against. Sure, next to the real Ruggeri Diego Simeone, The current Atletico Madrid star coach was also there on the losing team!

This resulted in the host reaching the final, where he had to bow his head in front of the Brazilians (0-2, Romario doubled), but

4-1 against the Argentines was the most remarkable achievement in Australian football history since then.

As far as Ferenc Uruk was named, as it happened a few weeks later in the Olympics, on September 18 in Django, South Korea, he won 1-0 against Yugoslavia. To Frank Farina, The Federal Captain scored later in the 48th minute.

It was no coincidence that his nickname, Mad Dog, was amazingly tough, irrefutable, and soccer seemed to be everything 24 hours a day, as he said of his former master. Farina, Who made his national team debut in Uruk. “I remember giving such a encouraging speech during the game break against the Argentinians so much that we had no choice but to win. Even though we only understood every third word because he didn’t speak English correctly, his message still came. He was the greatest coach I worked with. Absolutely.

He saw the Olympic group match against Yugoslavia as a match for Trench’s life, and wanted to show Yugoslavia what he could do. He went to Switzerland at his own expense to see the Yugoslav training camp. This is what Four for two In the magazine:

I met Yugoslav journalists with wide eyes looking at what I was looking for there. Of course, they couldn’t get out of their skin, they asked what the match would be. I told them we would give you. By that time, they were already laughing. Quikil? How? I said: We will win by one to zero. They must have looked flawed. Go on, we’re going for gold, we’ll have Piksi Stojkovics, and you don’t even have a known player. That was the answer. And my answer was zero, but actually in South Korea, at the Olympics.

Ferenc Uruk was awarded a knighthood in 1990 (member of the Order of Australia), the coach recalled this moment:

After the party was over, Prime Minister Bob Hawke stopped him and said I would take care of myself now because the media writes a lot more about me than they do about the Prime Minister, and that’s not good. I’ve always been proud of this, and I could barely receive any more compliments.

When the England national team traveled to Australia in 1983 for a three-game tour, the local association entrusted Ferenc Urk with the manager’s duties. “Try to keep the score below 0-6,” the federal request said. Trench stunned his superiors with his response:

At least two of the three matches will lead to a draw!

The presidents thought the “coach” was going crazy, but after the 2-0 defeat there were 0-0 and 1-1 in the minutes …

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Trench was also stuck there as captain, and they were very happy with him, until 1990, when he was knighted. He captained the national team in 89 matches, with 41 wins, 22 draws and 26 losses on the balance sheet for the longest-serving Australian Federal captain. 48 of the 89 games were official!

After defeating the Argentines, Trench told his sons that they could now quietly look at night because they deserve it. Paul Wade, one of the champions of victory, said:

Sir, call my wife because I don’t dare and tell her that she won’t see you until tomorrow!

He didn’t even see …

The Trench Feri remains for me only Feri, because in the 1980s, when, as a young employee of the MTI sports division, he met the back of the legendary chair Jenny Boskovitch Behind his chair, I heard my regular colleague call me every day in Novi Sad. Hungarian word The editorial staff and hand over her current mask to the writer, of course at the expense of the telegraph office … and in those years, although Uruk was no longer the head of the sports division of the Hungarian daily Novi Sad, his colleague Boskovic called several times in Sydney, which couldn’t be cheap Fun …

Incidentally, Ferre spent a large part of her life in Novi Sad, where the Magyar Szó editorial office was present in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, when not only seven percent of the city’s population were Hungarians, but at least a quarter of them. Ferry was a common sight on the banks of the Danube as she walked with her dog, Alex.

After Ferguson, I called my dog ​​that name, because I was so angry with the Scotsman, and I never forgave him for the Scots under his leadership that toppled us, the Australians, in the 1986 World Cup qualifiers. Jock Stein, the former manager, died unexpectedly, even though I He developed the winning tactic that Ferguson, his successor, upended. I couldn’t stand it …

– Trench recalled in a 2007 article he sent to an Australian newspaper.

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I had the opportunity to live in Kecskemét for a few years Volts To interview Ferry when the Hungarian Sports Journalists Association awarded the most memorable journalist and football coach a Lifetime Achievement Award. I rarely feel emotional when I meet a colleague, I succeed …

Since Ferry’s death, she has spent her last months in a nursing home near Subotica Janus ZimbreAt the expense of the owner of Topolya SC Football Club – condolences pour in from Australia. From Frank Farina Mark SchwarzriggFor the legendary goalkeeper, everyone pays tribute to the deceased, who is said to be the greatest figure in Australian football history. Ironically, he was held in high esteem not in Hungary nor even Serbia, but in his second home, southern continent, where he spent nearly twenty years and was inducted into the Football Hall of Fame.

It is only a matter of time before a statue of the legend is erected.

(Cover photo: Ferenc rok at the 1988 match. Photo: Getty Images Hungary)

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