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Index – Meanwhile – Schubert Norby Jr.’s reaction to Bence Estens’ words: “Everything will be revealed in the ring!”

Index – Meanwhile – Schubert Norby Jr.’s reaction to Bence Estens’ words: “Everything will be revealed in the ring!”

Someone immediately directed the subject to the communal cash register.

It was an unexpected, though not particularly pleasant, surprise for him He is great characters as they were joined by two new ladies on Wednesday evening’s broadcast. Zoltan Jakob greeted Evelyn and Imola with a wide smile, but no one shared his joy, in fact, some people cried loudly and broke down at the sight of the blondes.

The situation became worse when Imola’s friends started questioning her, and she didn’t even deny that she was interested in Jacob’s wallet as well.

“Zulli’s money is also important, but it will also be mine. What is mine is mine, and what is his is mine. In today’s world, you have to be smart, and then live well,” the 25-year-old from Transylvania explained, raising Her words immediately enrage others.

“Imola is terribly unsympathetic, a disgusting character, but Eveline is the exact opposite, I saw a cheerful and happy lady, a real woman,” concluded Nati and shared Edina’s opinion.

It’s very raw. Kids, I’ve been here twenty minutes, and I don’t think it’s necessary to talk about the communal cash register.

Then the evening continued with another twist: the bachelor had to send a contestant from the Castle of Love home, and his choice finally fell on Fifi, who had been known for a long time.

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