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Index – Meanwhile – Győző Gáspár has checked in from the airport, and they are heading to a wonderful place

Index – Meanwhile – Győző Gáspár has checked in from the airport, and they are heading to a wonderful place

They love each other passionately.

The few lines that András Matej Gomori addressed to his wife, Lila Poliak, on his social media page are equivalent to a beautiful declaration of love. This time, the bodybuilding actor wrote on Instagram that he achieved new successes on the Olympia Natural stage in Las Vegas. As he wrote, it was a bold dream, but he was able to achieve it after two years of patience, continuous work and the support of his coaches and wife.

“A lot of people know me as a man of words, but if I had to describe what he means to me. Then I run out of words… The only one in the world who sees my crazy visions as his own… He even believes in them… He loves me even when I feel disgusted.” Really… he still believes in me that we will be able to get through everything when I let go of my faith for a moment…

Maybe I lift more kilograms off the ground, or my shoulders are wider, but between us, he’s definitely the strongest.

Everything I achieved was teamwork! She is my wife, my best friend, my lover, my psychologist, my nutritionist, my chef, my doctor, my biggest fan, and also the person I look up to the most in the world and who is dearer to me than anything else. . I have never seen you more beautiful than you, my wife” – Matej Gomori Andras wrote to his love, adding:

Thank you…starting Monday, I’ll be the one who goes to bed with breakfast and picks up the laundry.

Gomori also sent a message to his partner in the post below.

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