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Index – Economy – The countdown has begun: Universities may lose European Union money

Index – Economy – The countdown has begun: Universities may lose European Union money

the Private banker Referring to sources in Brussels, he confirmed that the European Commission is awaiting the Hungarian government’s response and the fulfillment of conditions related to European Union funds. “The ball is in the Hungarian government’s court,” one source said. Last December, the European Commission made part of EU funds available to Hungary, but it continues to block most of it.

Among the conditions for access to EU funds, they mentioned, for example, making public procurement more visible, providing greater legal remedies in corruption cases, transparency, and the issue of public interest trusts, which include many universities.

If the problems related to the latter are not resolved by September, 21 universities will not be able to receive funds from Brussels.

Parliament has previously amended many laws and partially responded to the demands, but according to the newspaper, the committee still sees shortcomings. According to their information, the committee is not united either, and the European Parliament wants to be more stringent towards Hungary.

In addition, the upcoming EU elections and reforms “complicate matters.” Therefore, it would not be politically advantageous for the Committee to release the funds in full now. According to its information, the committee considers the Minister responsible for European affairs, János Buka, “an expert and a good partner,” but at the same time, and until the government solves the problems, it does not recommend opening new money taps.