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Index – Culture – Sean Bailey leaves president of Walt Disney Pictures

Index – Culture – Sean Bailey leaves president of Walt Disney Pictures

Searchlight co-president David Greenbaum will take over and become Disney Motion picture studios And head of 20th Century Studios. He will report to Alan Bergman, co-president of Disney Entertainment, A.D. reported Delivery time.

Steve Asbell will remain president of 20th Century Studios, a position he has held since March 2020. He will report to Greenbaum.

This splits the Searchlight Pictures management team of Greenbaum and Matthew Greenfield, two of the most respected executives in prestige films, who are currently, among other things, With poor husbands They are also in the running for Best Picture.

The duo replaced leads Steve Gilula and Nancy Utley after a long run directed by Guillermo del Toro. Touch of water Which won Best Picture at the 2018 Academy Awards.

Matthew Greenfield will continue to lead Searchlight, and this is a great opportunity to expand the Disney Motion Picture Studios business, beyond primarily extracting new live-action films from the animation portfolio.

For Billy, the circle has come full circle: the $400 million 2010 Christmas event movie, TRON: Legacy He came to the studio as a producer, and Tron: Ares He will remain a producer of his film before pursuing more entrepreneurial activities.

Sean has been a very important member of the creative team at the studio for over a decade. He and his team have brought iconic stories and moments to the screen that have captivated fans around the world and stood the test of time. I know he will continue to do great things and I couldn't be happier that he will continue as a producer on Tron: Ares

Alan Bergman said.

Sean Bailey was a successful producer for Disney, with films such as the king lion ($1.66 billion global revenue), beauty and the beast ($1.2 billion), Aladdin ($1.05 billion) and The jungle book ($962 million) live-action releases, to name a few. In total, Disney brought in about $7 billion in global revenue.

With the launch of Disney's streaming service Disney+ in November 2019, Bailey expanded her duties to oversee the streaming service's live-action films.

“These 15 years at Disney have been an incredible journey, but it's time for a new chapter. I'm incredibly grateful for my exceptional team and proud of the Board of Directors and the history we've built together,” said Sean Bailey.