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Hungarian Jason Momoa announces your favorite pharmacy chain

Hungarian Jason Momoa announces your favorite pharmacy chain

“Hungarian Jason Momoa” appeared in a special commercial. With centaurs appearing in Rossmann’s emblem, Balázs Megyeri can try to hide in the skin of a real magical creature. For the special role, Balázs – a trained stuntman – practiced homework for weeks with a special leg extension to give his body the movement of a centaur as authentically as possible.

“It takes some kind of body awareness, a sense of balance and there is no downside to having a device like this on my feet. However, I have been very trained to accurately copy the movement of a horse.” I have betrayed. – ‘I watched videos of all kinds of centaur characters, such as Chronicles of Narnia or related scenes from Harry Potter, and that’s what I did with them. Luckily I ride it so things went a lot easier. I am two and a half meters tall with this addition on my feet, and there is a purer air.” Balázs, who personified the useful centaur, laughed. In a special commercial for the drugstore chain, the centaur helps shoppers make their purchases cheaper and more seamless.

And why did this particular mythical creature appear in the short film? A preliminary study found that very few people know why the centaur is present in the heraldic. “Rus” in German means fiery Paribas and “Man” means human, so the emblem hides the centaurs – said Laszlo Florian, Managing Director of Rossmann Hungary. The brand wanted to create a character that would stand out not only with their interest, dedication and sense of humor, but also directly connected to the brand’s image. This is how the hard-working centaur, the hero of the work, was created. He’s the one who’s always growing where it’s needed most, and since he’s dressed up as a superhero, he’s spent all his time as a custodian of client wallets fending off high prices. The character was eventually revived by the film crew using film technology, CGI.

I can say without exaggeration that there is a lot of work involved in creating such a character. We implanted the movement of a live horse, used the motion capture procedure and were a separate person for a task that looked like small details, like exactly how the horse’s skeleton moves, and we also used muscle simulation to achieve more beautiful movements and deformations. Four people worked on the body of the centaur, the movement of the movement of the living body, for nearly three months, nearly a thousand hours.” The creator, supervising the visual effects, said Hassan El-Sayed Ashraf (Assi). No such advertisement has been made in Hungary yet, foreign commercial films also feature a stationary centaur, barely moving. The difficulty of the project is that the 3D animated horse model has to fit perfectly on the upper body of the actor in the live recording, both in appearance and movement. All this required a long preparatory work, planning and practicing movements on the part of acrobat Balázs Megyeri, who otherwise solved the task perfectly.

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