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Index – Abroad – The US Army accuses China of another provocation

Index – Abroad – The US Army accuses China of another provocation

According to a report on Thursday night, the pilot of the Chinese J-11 fighter jet approached the US plane within three meters of “poor aviation practices” and “in an unsafe and unprofessional manner” with limited visibility at night.

The video published by the US Army shows the maneuver

According to the report, it was implemented “in a manner inconsistent with international aviation safety rules and standards.”

Earlier – also on Thursday – China’s Defense Ministry showed a video, which it claimed showed a “provocation” of the US Navy destroyer Ralph Johnson on August 19, as it cut off the path of the Chinese destroyer Guilin with a sharp turn, MTI reported.

The two superpowers have repeatedly exchanged accusations of provocation and dangerous behavior at sea and in the air in the region in recent months. The US side has already reported more than 180 such cases since the fall of 2021.

On Thursday evening – even before the incident that occurred overnight – Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Jie stated that Beijing, in order to stabilize relations between the United States and China, He wants to reduce misunderstanding.