Index – Abroad – The stability of the Black Sea region is in America’s national interest

The United States regards the security and stability of the Black Sea region as a national interest, which is critical to the security of the entire eastern flank of NATO. This was announced by the US Secretary of Defense.

“It is clear that the region is threatened by Russia, as evidenced by military operations in eastern Ukraine, the occupation of several regions of Georgia, the militarization of the Black Sea, and air and sea provocations,” Lloyd Austin said.

He added that the operations of destabilizing the Black Sea indicate that Russia wants to regain control of the region and wants to prevent it free and peaceful europe addition.

MTI wrote that Washington wants to protect the region from harmful Russian actions, so it continues to support the strengthening of the Romanian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian and Georgian navies. The Pentagon chief noted that about a thousand American soldiers are stationed in Romania on a regular basis, regularly participating in joint military exercises with the Romanian. According to him, the presence of American soldiers is a reliable deterrent to Russia and will allow more effective action if their presence proves ineffective.

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