Index - Abroad - The Queen banned monopoly

Index – Abroad – The Queen banned monopoly

2021.12.01. 22:03

There are strict rules in the British royal family, as in board games. This, of course, does not mean that in a family that is forced into quite a few rules, societies enjoy uniformity.

Prince Andrew has now withstood a strange rule issued by the Queen. Of course, this is not the only one, as will be shown in the next video.

According to the clip’s comment on the royal family’s YouTube channel, the royal family likes a good game, but monopoly Did not matter. Prince Andrew says it’s not because he’s too wild. At least II. Elizabeth thinks so, so she completely forbade her to appear in the family.

So the game is not on the table either when the royal family travels to Sandringham this Christmas, after a break from the coronavirus outbreak last year. Sticking with tradition, the festive period is no exception, as Norfolk has been the home of Christmas since 1988.

The Windsors also pay tribute to their German ancestors by opening gifts after Christmas afternoon tea on Christmas Eve, rather than in the usual way in Britain. Among them, they say, there is no place for monopoly.

(via daily expression)

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