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I wish | Call of Duty defense strikes again

I wish |  Call of Duty defense strikes again

In recent months, the pre-existing Call of Duty scam has seen its golden age once again. The developers seem to have responded quickly now.

17.01.2024 – Aim Assist is a frequent topic of discussion among Call of Duty players. Not by chance. newly I presented several clips, so he can pursue unsuspecting opponents even through walls. Of course, these are just captured scenes, but many are concerned that sometimes help is capable of doing such things. However, on the flip side, this is necessary, since the raw controller input can never compete with the keyboard and mouse pair. So developers must strive for the perfect balance.

Last month, a new “scam” came to light, and of course it is Also inform us. PC players who play with a mouse and keyboard can use various utilities and tricks to make the Warzone and Modern Warfare III client think they are playing with a controller. Accordingly, they also get additional aiming assistance from the game, while aiming with the already more useful mouse. Many thought that COD developers were unable to eliminate them, but on January 16, the programmers made a great announcement.

From now on, PC Aim Assist programs are also filtered by Call of Duty cheats

Starting January 16, Call of Duty Ricochet Protection will filter out the above-mentioned forms of fraud. In the first round, the game ends with nothing but noble simplicity. If the software continues to be used after that, the scammers may receive a permanent ban. The above protection is not just about Warzone, but also Modern Warfare III It also protects the Zombie mode servers, so it's not worth trying out within the franchise. It's great to see developers react so quickly, and we hope the momentum doesn't run out in the future.

Three new modes coming to Modern Warfare III – here's the list

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