How to buy an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S on November 10th

GameStop He said It will have a “very limited” number of consoles available online and in stores when they open at 7am ET. If you are trying to choose one in person, you may want to check with the store first to see how many units they will receive – if you are not already in line, the odds are likely not that good.

Xbox Series X GameStop bundles Xbox Series S GameStop packages

Newegg is Also Online sales will begin at 12:01 am ET, with unspecified numbers from the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S available.

Buy the Xbox Series X at Newegg – $ 499 Buy the Xbox Series S at Newegg – $ 299

Target may have systems available at local stores, however Never mind showing up To stand in line – the only way to get one It is ordered online through take-out or drive requestsSo keep an eye on the website / app instead. Unfortunately we are I do not know when They will go on sale.

At other retailers, you will need to search online. Best Buy Walmart Both said that they would only sell the systems online. Check To see if they have anything available, while Walmart said it will put the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S up for sale at noon ET at the tenth.

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With amazon Notifying some customers that their shipments will be delayed It seems unlikely that they could provide any assistance on launch day. Will others like Microsoft Store have one or two controllers? We will have to wait and review, we will update this post with any useful information we find if you cross out and need to have one, there is always StockX Or eBay.

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