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Here is a list of this year's Kossuth Awards winners: Leslie Mandoki and Zsolt Trill are also among the winners

Here is a list of this year's Kossuth Awards winners: Leslie Mandoki and Zsolt Trill are also among the winners

We, who draw inspiration from our Hungary, also have a mission that, according to our talents and capabilities, we must add to the common national treasure for the benefit of the people. We must also introduce future generations to the depths of Hungarian identity and culture, so as to take them to dazzling heights. But what happened 176 years ago alerts us that we cannot succeed without applying the law. Enthusiastic jurors are needed at all times, because according to Petofi, home is only where there is law – announced the head of state.

He won the Kossuth Grand Prize:

Peter Eetvos Honored with the Hungarian Szent István Medal, he is a composer, conductor and music teacher who has won the Kossuth Prize in recognition of his art, which enriches opera literature with outstanding works as well as different instrumental genres, and his work as a conductor, which increases international fame. The stature of Hungarian classical music, he is considered an exemplary interpreter of contemporary music, as well as his works of historical importance.

He won the Kosuth Prize:

Gabor Bretz Award-winning opera singer Ferenc Liszt, Meritorious Artist, Private Singer of the Hungarian State Opera, highly regarded in the international opera world and wonderfully successful as a concert singer, prized for his singing, effortless compositions and rich performing style, his performing art which enhances the good reputation of classical music Hungarian and continues its noble traditions;

Francis Kaku Graphic artist, animation film director, excellent and worthy artist, full member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts in recognition of his art that enriches Hungarian culture with unique sand animation films and performances that offer a unique theatrical experience;

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Leslie Mandoki Musician, music producer, founder and owner-manager of Mandoki Soulmites and Red Rock Studios in recognition of his professional performances in the genres of rock, pop, jazz and jazz fusion, which have been very popular for decades;

Francis Salamin Award-winning architect Ybl Miklós, full member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts in recognition of his design works that mature masterpieces of organic regional architecture that serve the continuation of tradition;

Miklos Toy Szoks Mihaly Munkácsi, award-winning sculptor, full member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, in recognition of his creations that reflect a deep spirituality, moving on the boundaries of independent sculpture, applied toy making and furniture art, created through extraordinary processing of the noblest wood species;

Gabor Tax Nagy Ferenc Liszt, violinist, conductor and meritorious artist, in recognition of his art, which enriches Hungarian classical music with his first-rate work as a conductor, as well as his decades of inspiring performance and chamber artist activity;

László Tolksvay Composer, performer and co-founder of Erkel Ferenc's award-winning Tolksfy Trio, as a prominent member of the 1960s generation, as a member of the Tolksfy Trio and Phonograph groups, and as the composer of the Hungarian Mass, The Gospel of Mary. and national song, his artwork uniquely shapes and enriches Hungarian music culture in tribute to;

Trail Zult Marie Gaszai is an award-winning actor, an excellent and meritorious artist, recognized for his portrayal of dramatic and comic characters with exemplary authenticity, his unforgettable performances in highly successful plays and his invaluable work as a film actor;

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George Vashiji Ferenc Liszt, award-winning conductor, full member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, former president, his leadership activities of international importance, especially his unique artistic work in the local interpretation of the early music genre, and his value-creating activities as founding conductor of the Purcell Choir and the Orfeo Orchestra, as well as About his decisive work in artistic public life, in appreciation of his works;

Andres Fiske In recognition of the activity and valuable dramatic writings of the writer and playwright Józef Attila, especially his masterpiece, Kisplotésés, which emphasizes by example the power of love lived in faith amid the humiliation of dictatorship, the unwavering humanitarian support and the preservation of Hungarianism. identification;

ZS. Zanna Vinci Gyula Harangozó is a dancer, choreographer and artist recognized for his work as a choreographer and costume designer for several decades, dedicated to the authentic presentation of the art of Hungarian folk dance and the preservation of its formal language.

Joint Kossuth Prize recipient:

László Hegel, Ferenc Liszt Award-winning performer and member of the Mistral Ensemble,

Heinzinger Miklós Ferenc Liszt, award-winning performer and founding member of the band Misztrál,

Gabor Pusztai, Ferenc Liszt Award-winning performer and member of the Mistral Ensemble,

Tamas Topis Tinelly, Ferenc Liszt Award-winning performer and founding member of the Mistral Ensemble,

MÁTÉ TÖRÖK is a Ferenc Liszt Award-winning musician and founding member of the Misztrál Ensemble, in recognition of his valuable and diverse artistic activity that enriches Hungarian musical culture by setting poems by Hungarian and foreign poets to music of high and authentic quality. voice.

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Photo: Zsolt Trill Jaszay-Marie, award-winning playwright, is an excellent and worthy artist after receiving the Kossuth Prize

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