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Four foods the British royals never eat – and two of them are very surprising

Four foods the British royals never eat – and two of them are very surprising

Some are avoided because of etiquette, others because it can make them sick.

Members of the British royal family may have access to some of the world's rarest delicacies, but there are four foods that are off-limits to them. The first two are so surprising that we might think that food cannot be cooked without them, or that it is not worth cooking.

Royals often try to avoid two very common ingredients, red onions and garlic.

Former Royal Chef John Huggins It came in brief: “They don't cook with garlic at Buckingham Palace.”

The rule mostly applies during royal occasions and state banquets themselves Chamomile Confirmed by the Queen in 2018.

the MasterChef Australia Camilla said in one of her shows when she was asked about forbidden royal foods: “I hate to say this, but garlic is banned.”

Another food that cannot be eaten on formal occasions or on cruises is shellfish – to avoid the risk of food poisoning.

King Charles former butler, Grant Harold open: “When the royal family eats, they have to be careful with shellfish because of their work schedule due to shellfish poisoning.

It is a very reasonable move for them to give up enjoying seafood when they are in public service.

We don't want any member of the royal family to suffer a serious reaction to food poisoning. Especially when they go abroad. That's why you don't invent these dishes for them.”

However, the king broke this rule once when, in 2013, WhitstableEating oysters at the Oyster Festival Of course, he was the only heir to the throne at that time.

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Finally, there was a type of food that Charles hated so much that he banned it from all royal residences.

The king banned the delicious French foie gras from all menus because it was prepared unethically.

The animals are stuffed and force-fattened so that their livers become huge and fat.

Seeing this list of four, there's something good about not being born a member of the British royal family, right?

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