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Foods you should keep in the refrigerator that you didn't know existed

Foods you should keep in the refrigerator that you didn't know existed

If there is plenty of room for In the refrigerator, Many of us make the mistake of filling the room with food that doesn't belong there, but when there isn't enough food, the food in the fridge can easily be left behind. Sometimes, simply out of insecurity or habit, we don't put all the food that should be in the refrigerator. We show you what to store and where!

Nuts and oil seeds

Nuts and oilseeds also contain natural oils that begin to rot at room temperature. Although they are not harmful to our health when they are rancid, if you have ever eaten nuts or hazelnuts with a strange and unpleasant taste, you know how unlucky it is to come across rancid foods. So that you do not face this problem from now on, place the nuts and oil seeds in an airtight container, and then you can put them in the refrigerator. So it can last up to a year.

Nannies and nannies

Jams can have a perfectly good place in the pantry—at least until their shelf life—or, if it's not too hot, even on the kitchen counter, as long as they're not opened. After that, they will definitely have a better place in the refrigerator, but even in this case, you should always consider what is written on their label. When it comes to homemade marmalade or jam, versions with a high sugar content are usually consumed within a month, and versions made with little or no added sugar even earlier.

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Chocolate should be stored in a cool, dry place, so if you don't have it in your home – for example, in the summer, due to the heat – or your pantry or pantry is full, put it in the fridge instead. Also pay attention to the fact that if it has already been opened, it is tightly wrapped, otherwise moisture may affect its texture, and then your favorite chocolate will not be as attractive as if it were stored properly.

You shouldn't eat fruit in the evening, and here's why

You shouldn't eat fruit in the evening, and here's why

Mustard and ketchup

When it comes to mustard, always take the instructions on the label into consideration, but basically it stays fresh longer after opening if you put it in the fridge. Of course, the most important thing for ketchup is what is written on the label, but to preserve its taste and freshness, it is also best to store it in the refrigerator. After opening, it should usually be consumed within a maximum of six months.


If you are also used to buying tortillas, from now on, you should always read what is written on the package. Because it is written on many products in small print that it is recommended to refrigerate them after opening, otherwise they can spoil quickly. So it is better to put it in the refrigerator immediately and then eat it within a few days, or if you think it will not be consumed within a short time, you should freeze it.

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an egg

When it comes to foods stored in the refrigerator, eggs are perhaps the most controversial. In some countries, it is recommended to store eggs in the refrigerator, because it is customary to wash the eggs before packing, while in other countries, where there is no such regulation, it is recommended to store them at room temperature. The final reason is that the egg contains a self-protective layer that can naturally prevent contamination. When washed, this layer disappears, which justifies immediate cooling. So, what should you do? It certainly wouldn't be a problem if you put the egg in its own container in the refrigerator, but if you have a cold room in your house, it could also be a good place there.


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