The fact that a landslide has blocked several tunnels connecting the country with its neighbors could have a catastrophic impact on traffic in Italy and on the country’s economy, while another is about to close.

On September 4, the Mont Blanc Tunnel renovation work will begin, which will close the passage linking France and Italy for about four months and 15 weeks, which is why the huge landslide that has already paralyzed traffic between the two countries is at its worst. time, writes Reuters.

The landslide also closed the Brenner and Freus tunnels, which connect Italy with Austria and France. The San Gottardo tunnel was briefly closed, but it has since reopened. Trucks and trains are currently not allowed in Fréjus Tunnel, trains are not allowed in Brenner, and it is not known how many days everything will be restored.

More than 1.7 million vehicles used the Mont Blanc tunnel last year for tourism and economic purposes, so its closure will “tragically” affect transport and the Italian economy, according to Italian trade unions.


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