According to the report, the president and his son accepted bribes from a Ukrainian company, but according to the Prosecutor General's Office, Alexander Smirnov, who informed the FBI, only fabricated the charges.

FBI agent Alexander Smirnov has been charged with falsely reporting that Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden received bribes from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, Reuters reports. AP mentioned. In June 2020, Smirnov reported that the company's management bribed Biden and his son, who was still serving as vice president at the time, in the amount of $5 million (1.8 billion forints) each in 2015 or 2016.

Prosecutors say Smirnoff actually had only a minor business relationship with the company he reported and accused Biden during his presidential campaign of previously expressing distaste for the Democratic presidential nominee.

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Prosecutors are accusing the former FBI informant of perjury, among other things, but Smirnov did not testify in the case. The bribery issue plays a central role in the accusations against Hunter Biden, through which Republicans attack both the president and his son, and we wrote about that in more detail here: