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Don't be afraid if you're outside and see such a toilet – we'll show you how to use it

Don't be afraid if you're outside and see such a toilet – we'll show you how to use it

There's nothing more annoying than having no idea how to use the toilet when you need it most.

Miracle bidet

It is preferable to use bidets in several countries such as Japan, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, and also in the Arab regions. Until now, he has not won a popularity contest in our country.

Although the bidet is an invention that can replace toilet paper, it can also be used as an additional hygiene tool after using the toilet. There are several types of bidets: one of the most common is like a toilet and hand sink in one type, while bidets are placed in many places next to the toilet, where you can wash your hands. There are also models where the seat is equipped with different buttons (or has a remote control) that you can control and press to rinse after a big deal. Then a nozzle appears that sprays water. But don't be surprised if you find a small shower head next to the toilet, which is exactly what it sounds like: for a comfortable shower while sitting on the toilet.

Many people agree that a bidet is useful for those who suffer from digestive problems – frequent diarrhea, hemorrhoid complaints – and can also help women during menstruation. They believe that they are more hygienic and hygienic compared to traditional toilets, and more environmentally friendly, thanks to the fact that we use less paper. Of course, it's not mandatory to use it at all, but if you ever want to, help is here.

So, the big question is how to use a bidet?

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1. Use the toilet Before you start using the bidet, do your job. Whether you use toilet paper or not is your decision.

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The big question: bottom or top?

Main image:, source: The bright side

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