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His condition has been getting worse, as the Hungarian actor has lost half his weight

His condition has been getting worse, as the Hungarian actor has lost half his weight

Karoly Beler considers himself a fat type, he says, and has to pay close attention to his weight. In 2017, the actor once went through a long diet in order to get the lead role in the film Sing in the Rain. He achieved his goal, the role became his, but as two years passed, he left himself, and a significant portion of the kilograms returned.

I have been on a diet for twenty years

“I've already been losing weight for twenty years, and I've had enough. I'm in such a state, and there's nothing I can do, even though I've tried all the available weight loss diets. Now it's happening,” Karolyi Bieler said in an interview at the time. So much that I don't care about him anymore.” “I'm over 40, and I don't need to play nice, handsome boys anymore, because I'm not one either. Now I'm more likely to find older comedic actors or father roles, and that's okay. I am self-identified With adware, they have their time now. In the same way, I throw my feet up to my nose on stage and get off at any time.”

His excess weight has already affected his health

But in the end, he gained 30 kilograms in weight in recent years, and because of his health, he began to change his lifestyle. He also succeeded in using the weight control extract, where he lost 20 kilograms, which he showed on his Facebook page.

“I didn't make my extra weight a vanity issue, I felt comfortable in my own skin. I was that way until my health took a turn for the worse.

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My knee started to hurt at first, but I would put up with it. Then it turned out that I had diabetes. That was a huge slap in the face.

My father and grandparents were like them. I knew the complications of this disease and that is why I decided to lose weight and I succeeded.”

– the actor wrote of his new image, which Major cities Stabbed out.

The change is amazing, Karoly Beler has lost a lot of weight
Photo: Carolee Beller/Facebook

He had been harassed by a woman for years

Last summer we reported on this Carolee Beller is harassed by a womanabout them already in 2018 we wrote: He then also went up to the actor's lawn, and was eventually reported and fined – but he didn't stop completely, and continued to message him on social media.

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