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3×3 Basketball: Our women's team didn't make it to the Olympics either

3×3 Basketball: Our women's team didn't make it to the Olympics either

After back-to-back surreal baskets, Spain finally managed to beat Canada by one point in regulation time in the women's semifinal of the Debrecen Olympic Qualifiers, so the scenario that was least favorable for us came true, clashing with Canada in the bronze medal game.

The winner takes all, and the burden falls on the opponent, so we can begin the battle with some hope.

We had to muster our last reserves of strength, and then go all-in! Our opponent looked confident and cheerful beyond measure, but we managed to play at home, in front of the Great Reformed Church and many fans.

We started with Fanny Szabo, got a basket from Michelle Plouffe, then another, which unfortunately was already worth two. Our shots did not come close to the goal, but Vivian Burundi was fouled and scored the penalty kick (1-3). He scored the same ball and scored an action goal. Catherine Plouffe's food resulted in a Canadian basket, of course Burundi answered, but Catherine Plouffe came back again.

Photo: Peter Kovacs

Claudia Babb's triple came from the rim, and Viraj Kiss's close friend, Fani Szabo, also scored the next basket, minus one. Mr. Plouffe could have thrown two goals, and made no mistakes. Burundi grabbed his opponent's arm while putting on a jumper, Canada could come with another basket (4-8). Catherine Plouffe increased the lead to five, then to six – and the 31-year-old twins were not kidding. Burundi made up for it, but they exaggerated it a bit and did not blow the whistle. Pappot was blocked by K. Plouffe, and Canada proved successful again. Michelle Plouffe was next, and it was simply impossible to find something that would appeal to the usual, self-conscious Canada. We were 5-13 when Babb made a good effort, scored with a foul, but the penalty went wide.

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M. Plouffe took the ball away from Virág Kiss, we ran out, all hope lost, and got baskets on the conveyor belt (6-15). They improved with a Szabo penalty, Pap getting a block, and Burundi unable to find a loop from distance. Two more easy baskets made it ten, Kiss Virág made up for it with a penalty kick, and another Kiss hit came after a three-second violation. We got one, threw one through the sack, and K scored. Plouffe scored Canada's 19th point with just over a minute to go. In the last minute, we scored two more baskets, giving the Canadians the two lost points, and the end was 10-21.

After Tokyo, the Hungarian women's 3 x 3 team did not reach Paris either, this time they were very close, this time in Debrecen, but the dream did not come true.

3×3 Olympic Qualifying Tournament, Debrecen
Bronze match
Hungary-Canada 10-21

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