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The Fidesz party record holder could leave the European Parliament with a $60 million severance package

The Fidesz party record holder could leave the European Parliament with a  million severance package

Adam Kusa has been an actor for 15 years.

The European Parliament treats its outgoing representatives generously: As a general rule They are entitled to one month's bonus for each year in office, which they receive as temporary benefits, but all representatives are entitled to at least six months' salary. Thus, those who have served only one term, i.e. five years in Brussels, also receive half a year's worth of money: given that the representative's fees currently amount to 10,377 euros, this means 62,262 euros (about 25 million HUF). There are seven Hungarian representatives:

  • Balazs Hedwig (vids),
  • Laszlo Troxani Former Minister of Justice (Fides),
  • Edina Toth (vids),
  • Sandor Ronay (Donk),
  • Attila Ara Kovacs (DK),
  • Czech Katalin (Paid),
  • Anna Donath (Paid)
  • And Marton Giorgiosi (better).

Fidesz Party Livia Yaruka Although he became a representative of the European Parliament twenty years ago, he was not included in the European Parliament in 2014 (at which time he could receive 10 months' severance pay), and only in 2017, Belczne Gal Ildiko After his resignation, he became a member of the board of directors again. Therefore, he can now count on seven months' severance pay, which means 72,368 euros (about 30 million Hungarian forints).

Our three MEPs have served in the European Parliament for two terms, i.e. ten years, and have already received €103,770, i.e. 41 million Hungarian forints: the person who left the MSZP during the term Istvan Ojeli And vids Sorry Andrea And Daily Indore.

Fidesz's Adam Koussa – the first MEP to speak sign language – entered the European Parliament in 2009, so he is entitled to 155,655 euros, or about 61.5 million Hungarian forints.

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Former MEPs will also be entitled to a European pension from the age of 63, and after each full year they will receive 3.5% of the monthly bonus.

Among those leaving now are László Troxani – rector of Karolyi University Gaspar Reformatos, who declined the invitation to be a constitutional judge – and Attila Ara Kovacs, already entitled to this due to their age, which for them means 1,816 euros. (720,000 forints) per month, which is three times the average Hungarian pension.

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