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Hour Revolution: The developers reacted to a rumor in a very funny way!

Hour Revolution: The developers reacted to a rumor in a very funny way!

InXile Entertainment revealed a rumor about their next game, but they didn't do so in a typical way, using a meme to debunk the rumour.

On June 14, Reddit user KekanKok posted a long list of unannounced games, culled from cast mentions on IMDB. Among them was a reference to a project called CWRKRV, which at first glance might be reminiscent of a clock revolution. According to the audio commentary, the Xbox exclusive title could be released for Xbox Series and PC sometime in 2025.

InXile responded on Twitter within a few hours, but not with a simple negative comment, but instead captured a photo from a series on Netflix called The Umbrella Academy, where Vanya and Fives are driving side by side on the road. Through the image, InXile wanted to convey that the leak was just a voiceover consisting of a release date or period, which they then uploaded to IMDB. In the meantime, let's not forget that even the developers of Clockwork Revolution don't know with 100% certainty when their game will be ready for release.

InXile Entertainment's tweet garnered nearly 100,000 views in one day, so it was a very popular reaction from the studio, and if you read between the lines, the team's expression also means that Clockwork Revolution is still at a fairly early stage in its development. They usually decide on a release year when their game is already in a playable alpha state, roughly. In the middle of development. If InXile hasn't really decided when its Steampunk-style game is coming, we certainly won't get to experience the time-shifting gameplay in person for a few more years.

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Nowadays, a AAA game usually takes five years to develop (not only the duration, but the cost has increased dramatically…) and InXile Entertainment was already working on it in 2021, so it's likely that there will be an in-house RPG reminiscent of Dishonored or BioShock. It will be released in 2026 and will only appear in

source: GameRant

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