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“I have to put it back in my body, I devoured myself,” said Ildiko Keresztes after suffering a brain tumor – Kollori

“I have to put it back in my body, I devoured myself,” said Ildiko Keresztes after suffering a brain tumor – Kollori

Everyone understood that a tumor had been removed from Ildiko Kyresztes' brain. The 59-year-old singer underwent the procedure last February, but has only now revealed what happened to her. The star was willing to comment on his condition in just one interview, but now he's made an exception!

TV2 Ildico Christes

Ildico Christis after a brain tumor

the singer He is resting in Aruba, where he is trying to regain his fitness after half a year of serious surgery, because he also announced when he wants to return.

I'm trying to rejuvenate myself during the vacation so that I can return to work and to my dear audience in the fall. You must have read that I had brain surgery, and I didn't want to talk about it much, and I didn't want to make it a tabloid breakthrough. Nők lapa wrote a very, very nice interview… Thank God she was nice and taught me a lot during this period. I really don't work from January until September. This transaction took place on February 2nd…so I will definitely be back in the fall and perhaps take on a new role in addition to the old ones.

– said Ildiko, who said in a 25-minute video that he suffers from this mentally dangerous illness.

Now I feel how different my soul, body and everything is, and there has been no stress in my life for months, and I do not burden myself physically or mentally. I started practicing slowly, because I would need the still image. I know it sounds like a luxury, but I'm going to have to give back to my body a lot of everything I took, and destroyed myself.

Ildiko added.

#I am brave

You can watch the full video here:

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