Catalog - Economy - Esztergom municipality did not ask for money for MCC

Catalog – Economy – Esztergom municipality did not ask for money for MCC

The Mathias Corvinus Collegium, the MCC festival, has been awarded Esztergom Center free and on a paid basis. This is the event for which the American TV personality Tucker Carlson came to Hungary as well.

a free europe According to the mayor’s decree, which was issued on the basis of a special legal order due to the epidemiological situation, which also did not need the approval of the city council. Under the regulations

At the request of the mayor, in the event of an event affecting the residents of the city of Esztergom and the region, [közterülethasználati] You can waive the fee.

Mayor dám Hernádi signed a decree on 14 June. And the following month, the Millennium Challenge Center had already received an application for free space for the festival.

Festival organizer Moonlight Event applied for a permit for six to ten days, with a total area of ​​thirteen thousand square meters in eight locations, which they wanted to obtain free of charge “due to the nature of the event.” A week later, the mayor granted the public land use permit and waived the fees. According to the calculations, the local government in Esztergom could have lost about HUF 2.6 million in revenue.

The festival is expected to return to Esztergom next year. Zoltán Szalai, General Manager of MCC, said later that the festival was a great success and the cooperation with the city is good, so I would like to organize the event here again next year.

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