Some of the documents went to a retiree who collected military magazines, who informed the authorities. The two soldiers received less than 1,500 Hungarian forints in the deal.

According to China's Ministry of State Security, a retiree bought 4 secret military documents for 6 yuan, or barely 300 Hungarian forints, he wrote. Interested in trade. The man whom Chinese authorities refer to as Uncle Zhang collects military magazines, found the documents in a scrap yard, but after discovering they were marked “confidential” and “confidential,” he notified authorities.

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After the announcement, ministry personnel immediately rushed to Uncle Zhang's house and confiscated the documents. The ministry praised the retiree who reported the documents on social media.

In the store where the man bought the documents, they found 200 secret military documents that must be destroyed. The paper could end up in the store in such a way that the two soldiers tasked with grinding it up would sell it as waste paper. The couple received less than 1,500 Hungarian forints from the deal.

The contents of the documents were not revealed, but according to Chinese authorities, the incident did not lead to a major intelligence leak. Proceedings have been initiated against the officials in accordance with Chinese law, and procedures for destroying documents are being reviewed, according to the ministry.

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