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We spend more if we don't pay in cash

We spend more if we don't pay in cash

the University of Adelaide She reported that About searchIn which non-cash cash spending was measured, the results of 71 previous studies in 17 countries were analyzed and compared. They found that we tend to spend more if we can pay for something without cash than if we can pay with hand-held, billeted notes. This effect is most pronounced when we buy something that signals our status, such as jewelry.

Although the result was not surprising, there are surprising details to the research. “Contrary to our expectations, non-cash payments were not associated with more tips or donations than cash,” explained Lachlan Schomburgk, who led the study. This also means that for fundraising, for example, both types of payment options are equally effective.

Today, when the costs of living have become more expensive, it is especially important for people to consciously monitor their expenses and try to reduce them wherever possible, Schomburgk added. The researcher recommends that if there is a possibility that we will spend more than we should, it is better to carry cash with us, so that we can exercise self-control.

The transition to a cashless society is almost inevitable.

I believe this research is of fundamental importance, because it highlights a hitherto neglected detail about the shift, whereby the way we pay affects how much we spend. “If we understand this, it can help us make more informed decisions during purchases.”

It will be important to make everyone aware of these details and inform those who do not have a bank account, for example, that paying without cash leads to overspending. According to Schomburgk, this issue should also be continuously investigated in relation to newly invented payment methods, since a fair number of research results are still available about these methods precisely because of their novelty.

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