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Dennis Varga: It has been proven that it is better to go in the same direction

Dennis Varga: It has been proven that it is better to go in the same direction

National team captain Zsolt Varga, as well as Suma Vogel and Denis Varga, highlighted the discipline and focus seen in the first three quarters after the men’s water polo team beat the Croatians by two goals in the second round of the group stage at the World Olympiad. Qualifying tournament in Fukuoka.

Dennis Varga: It has been proven that it is better to go in the same direction

“Except for the last defensive errors, we played a very good game overall.” – said national team captain Zsolt Varga to M4 Sport after the match. According to the specialist, in the end, the team let it go a little, but this can also be attributed to the fact that the Croatians began to take too many risks. “Overall, the game was focused the whole time, and obviously at the end, when the opponent starts going all-in, it doesn’t matter if you get on base, it can cause confusion, especially if they allow an error, but now this is a good experience to correct that as well.”

“I’m happy, because our game worked very well forward and back, and in the end we will have to look at the mistakes we made in defence, which cannot happen later, because now there are matches to come.” It is not certain that we will lead by four in the last quarter, so we cannot waste a minute – Evaluation of Vogel Soma, the Hungarian national team goalkeeper. – We stuck to what we agreed, the players shot strongly from position and at the speed we wanted, and we were able to maintain the numbers we agreed upon in attack as well. This will always be the key to victory, as the agreed objectives must be implemented with discipline and patient play throughout the match.”

Denis Varga also emphasized discipline and self-confidence. “We knew what we were doing all the way through, it was a four-goal lead in the fourth quarter, then we had some fun at the end and they were able to score cheap goals by taking a lot of risks.” Throughout, we reacted constructively to the difficulties and did our jobs. Most importantly, it has been proven in practice that it is better to move in the same direction and have harmony. “We have conceded a lot of goals, so we should not consider that we are playing very well now.” He said.

Team captain Jansik Szilárd gave MTI a satisfied rating. “We can be proud of ourselves, because we beat a very good Croatian team and, moreover, there were a lot of good things to see. For three and a half quarters we accomplished what we set out to do. There we might have thought the game was over, but it turned out not to be the case.” “It ends only when the referee blows the final whistle. This is not a problem either, because it opened our eyes. It is not enough to play well in three and a half quarters.” – said Imtiaz Ferencvaros.

In the final match of the encounter, Gerjo Zalancki was the winning man and the left-hander, who has won the Champions League with Pro Rico in the previous two seasons, said that apart from the final minutes they produced an excellent performance. “We controlled the game until the end, we lost focus there a little bit, but overall it was about 90% good. Our defense was the key, and we were more accurate in attack.” Announce.

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On Friday, the Hungarians will conclude the group stage against Argentina, who replaced the Brazilians shortly before the start of the World Cup.

Cover Photo:
Zsolt Varga explains to the players during the group match between Hungary and Croatia in the World Cup (Photo: MTI/Szilárd Koszticsák)

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