Gergely's Christmas Campaign Machine and Turtleneck Shirt

Gergely’s Christmas Campaign Machine and Turtleneck Shirt

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“How do you like my new shirt? I searched my wife. Do you think a mayor or prime ministerial candidate could wear that?” Gergeli Caraxone posed the question on his Facebook page, where he also included a photo of the cirada dress.

Speaking of fashion, a similar photo was taken of another character a few years ago. Joe Bidnell In 2017, InStyle magazine produced an extensive article. In the photo, the democratic politician stands in the same way as Girgili Karaaxone. Joe Biden was seen in faded jeans. How he got the shirt is not clear from writing. Thus, it is not possible to know if it was recently inspected or taken.


However, Joe Biden, among others, explains why he’s fighting in a divided country. He calls it his strength to be able to bring together people of different mindsets, and believes he does it all authentically. It is a coincidence that this is exactly what Girgili Karaxone thinks of himself and wants to unite the country as prime minister in the future.

There are more and more similarities between Joe Biden and Gergeli Karaccone, but there is still an insurmountable difference between the two politicians. Joe Biden speaks fluent English.

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