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Index – Abroad – Huge hurricanes devastated the United States

Index – Abroad – Huge hurricanes devastated the United States

Tornadoes touched down parts of Nebraska and Iowa on Friday. The greatest damage occurred in the suburbs of Omaha, Nebraska, where hundreds of homes and buildings were damaged by the storm. CBC News.

The devastating storm also caused damage to agricultural areas. After the disaster, some injuries were reported, but no deaths are known yet.

The city of Omaha's fire chief said they would continue searching for those injured on Saturday. The hurricane caused power outages and a gas leak, and they are also working to fix the problem. Many trees fell and many buildings became unstable.

Three people were injured in Lancaster County, Nebraska, when the storm also struck an industrial building, authorities said. A number of people were trapped under the rubble when the building collapsed. Firefighters succeeded in extracting people, but no life-threatening injuries were reported.

A tornado warning was issued for the Omaha area Friday afternoon. Many people had just brought their children home from school, so many institutions provided shelters for students.

Another tornado touched down east of Omaha, passing through parts of Eppley Airport, the city's airport. People rushed to shelter until the storm passed, and according to reports, no damage was caused to the passenger lounge. The airport was later reopened. The damaging wind storm also overturned a train near Waverley.

On Saturday, the National Weather Service again issued a tornado warning for parts of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. Extreme hail and strong winds are also possible, according to the warning.