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China is preparing to occupy the secret side of the moon, and the Russians will also be ordered to follow, and the massive operation has already begun

China is preparing to occupy the secret side of the moon, and the Russians will also be ordered to follow, and the massive operation has already begun

Today, Friday, China successfully launched the Chang'u lunar probe, which is the first probe to obtain samples from the hidden side of the celestial body accompanying the Earth. China's largest space rocket, Long March 5, lifted off from the Wenchang Launch Center in southern China at 5:27 p.m. local time, according to plan. The lander and probe separated from the rocket after 35 minutes, which the ground control center declared a “complete success.”

According to the plans of landing unit A On the moon It will continue its research and begin digging the ground within 48 hours. It collects the extracted samples in a container and then connects to the spacecraft that returns them to Earth. The mission lasts 53 days.

NASA has made a huge announcement: a new era in space exploration could begin tonight

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In order to maintain the communications necessary for lunar exploration, China has already launched a satellite, Zhuexiao-2. This satellite will not only provide connectivity between ground operations and the lunar mission, but will also serve as a relay platform for future lunar missions.

China already It also successfully returned samples from the Moon in 2020, when the experiment began from the other side of our planet. Beijing's space program aims to send astronauts to the moon by 2030 and return samples from Mars in the same year. Long-term plans include establishing a permanent manned base on the moon.

An amazing recording spreads on the Internet at the speed of light. Someone succeeded in achieving the impossible

China launched its first manned space mission as early as 2003, and has since completed several successful missions, becoming the third country to send humans into space. This week, three astronauts returned safely from the National Space Station, Tenkung, which spent six months in orbit. Beijing plans to eventually give foreign astronauts and space tourists access to its space station.

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