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“Capital Woman!” – 72 year old Aji Pataki is very successful in these clothes – a local star

“Capital Woman!”  – 72 year old Aji Pataki is very successful in these clothes – a local star

Pataki branch Even at 72 years old, she follows the latest trends, whether it's dressing stylishly or even creating a viral video.

Aji Pataki in beautiful clothes

Aggie Pataki's life keeps up with the changes the world is witnessing in all areas, and nothing proves this better than the fact that she is also actively posting on her TikTok page. The model loves to share her beauty tricks, hobbies, travels and thoughts about life. His nearly nine thousand followers are happy to receive all his content, finding it both inspiring and entertaining.

He's not ignoring the ever-changing trends on TikTok either, and in his latest video, he joined in on one of the latest trends online. The “white swan – black swan” trend is created mostly by girlfriends, one representing a more conservative girlish style, the other a more distinguished, almost feminine fatal streak, and this difference is emphasized in the videos. A portion of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake is always playing in the background, hence the name of the direction.

Aji Pataki also made this video, with the difference that he embodied the black and white swan in one person. In the first part of the recording, she appeared in a white dress, and after a cut, she appeared in a black dress. His followers liked it a lot, and there were many comments below the short video. “Capital woman,” one follower wrote. “Elegance, elegance and true beauty!” added another.

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