Canada and the United States failed, Mexico won again -

Canada and the United States failed, Mexico won again –

The end result was a quick change of goals in the USA-Canada match, while Mexico also beat Costa Rica in the second round of the third stage of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

The United States tied twice after two games (Image: Getty Images)

The Canadians started the game better, as they could have taken the lead early in the 15th minute, but Matt Turner defended Kyle Larrain’s header. Before the end of the first half, Christian Pulisic could still try from the host side, but his shot hit the goalkeeper on the right goal post, so that both sides could go into the break with a 0-0 draw.

After the host role, Americans Brendan Aronson The advantage was granted after 11 minutes, but in the 63rd minute after a pass by Alphonso Davies Kyle Larin He can equalize it 1–1-on The confrontation between the two teams ended in a draw.

Mexico After defeating Jamaica Costa Recapa He visited where, after several great stops, Orbelín Pineda finally scored a penalty 1–0 He won the away team, which is flawless after two matches.

To my great surprise Jamaica He couldn’t get better after losing against the Mexicans since then Panama 3–0 win it while Salvador And Honduras 0-0 seconds Play a draw with each other.

North and Central America qualifications world
Section Three, Round Two

Jamaica – Panama 0-3 (Andrade 14., Blackburn 39., Waterman 82.)
Costa Rica – Mexico 0-1 (Pineda from 45 + 1 to 11)
El Salvador – Honduras 0-0
USA – Canada 1–1
(Aaronson 55., Son of Laren 62.)

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The status of the finals of the CONCACAF World Cup
1. Mexico 2 2 3-1 +2 6
2. Panama 2 1 1 3-0 +3 4
3. Canada 2 2 2-2 2
4. United States of America 2 2 1–1 2
5. Honduras 2 2 1–1 2
6. Salvador 2 2 0–0 2
7. Costa Rica 2 1 1 0-1 -1 1
8. Jamaica 2 2 1-5 -4

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