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Babel X: The Tower of Babel is under construction [VIDEO]

Babel X: The Tower of Babel is under construction [VIDEO]

No, this time the X doesn’t stand for Twitter (and you don’t have to pay a dollar a year for that), but rather for something else.

Mighty Boy Studio is developing Babylon X, which will be a fantasy action RPG. Team members have previously worked at Flying Wild Hog, Saber Interactive, Owlcat Games, and My.Games and are headquartered in Yerevan, Armenia. The film is set in an alternate history of the ancient world where the Tower of Babel is being built and humanity faces an impending apocalypse. It combines the best elements of Western and Eastern narrative and direction, taking inspiration from classic JRPGs such as the Final Fantasy series and 90s Hollywood action-adventure films.

At this time, energy and gravity were discovered and linked to ancient magic, which led to technological advances in Babylon and Egypt. The main characters are Samson (a former prophet who is now an escaped slave and avenger) and Lecca (a young priestess of a lunar cult). They band together to confront the impending apocalypse of their dying world and search for the answers that might save it. Beyond the epic setting, the developers are focusing on bringing players a simple human story with an emotional and personal touch. During the journey, the main characters learn about themselves, find a new purpose in life, and perhaps fall in love. In addition to a beautifully designed universe, Babylon X will feature a robust combat system with tactical elements; A unique magic casting system, a dynamic semi-open world where you can explore and solve puzzles and interact with intelligent NPCs.

Players will have a wide range of tools, weapons, abilities, and magic to choose their playstyle as they traverse the dangers lurking in the ancient world. The alternate ancient world combines the iconic locations of Babylon and Egypt mixed with technological imagination. Players reimagine the legend of the Tower of Babel through a unique fantasy retelling of the legendary tower. The combat system prioritizes (and rewards) controlling the battlefield, finding enemy weaknesses, combining weapons and abilities, and exploiting the environment to gain control. GraviOrb is a universal tool that allows you to use the power of gravity in a dynamic world, where events are triggered not only by texts, but also by gray morals and decisions made by players. Featuring an original narrative system with interactive cutscenes, its world does not conform to black-and-white morality and forces players to make difficult decisions along the way that will have a real impact on the world around them.

Babylon X is coming to unspecified consoles and PC.

source: Gimatsu

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