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Another development in the disgraceful Majka scandal

Another development in the disgraceful Majka scandal

As we wrote, he says harsh things about Majka in I'll Be a Star! His former singer, who feels he has been lied to and deceived by his former teacher. The Oozd rapper then responded to the young boy in a long Facebook post, in a somewhat objectionable manner. Robert Karolyi claimed that Majka promised to help him start his career in front of the cameras, but nothing happened, he talked about it in his video.

Majka formulated a rude answer to the former trainee
Photo: Instagram/MAJKA/Instagram/MAJKA

Robert Karolyi appeared in Sztár I'll Be a Star in 2022! But on his TV2 show, the man was eliminated. Majka then offered to look for him later, but he did not keep his promise.

After the filming was over, the colleagues there said to me: Robbie, run to the dressing room, Majka is there, exchange numbers, there may be something more than this.

I obviously took advantage of this opportunity, and immediately ran to him to talk. But when I mentioned to him that we should exchange numbers, that real forced smile… You must have seen this before in life. When you see that you don't have a chance…” – The young rapper started to explain his story, saying that he didn't want a scandal, he just wanted to tell his story.

He previously said: “Don't get me wrong, this is not a hate video on my part, I'm simply complaining that I'm embarrassed because everyone thinks I didn't take advantage of such a wonderful opportunity…” to which Majka responded with harsh words in her post. The long one.

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In your video, you accuse me of not giving out my phone number… My phone number – if you allow me – I only give it to people who are close to me or with whom I communicate on a daily or weekly basis.

I hope so, then you will understand when you can achieve the desired profession…” – began the embarrassing explanation of Majka, who has also received divisive opinions from her followers, who believe that she should react more modestly, forgetting where she started her career.

Now the young rapper, Robert Karolyi, has responded to Majka's words again, and according to his statement, he considers the story already over.

I didn't mean to cause trouble. I tried to tell my story naturally. It was disappointing to read those lines. To be honest, I was expecting a nice response, or at least not like this…

I feel like her words were a reflection of her true self, not what she shows on camera. I, on the other hand, would like to close this case, I want to remain human. At least my conscience is clear.” For pepper Karolyi, who said he no longer deals with the subject, prefers to focus on working toward truly achieving his goals.

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