Turns out who made it to the chef's VIP final

Turns out who made it to the chef’s VIP final

In the last two missions before the final, Vera Tóth did the worst, so she finally took third place in the competition.

It has already been decided that the new Chef VIP Cup owner will be one of Ákos Sárközi’s mentors.

The day of the TOP3 competition began with a synchronized cooking definitive, and this time the celebrity in chef coats got to work with Jenő Rácz. “Fish and Chips” was the task, in a final Michelin-starred design: the chef made salmon fillet with cod, asparagus ricotta and sourdough sauce.

The platform winners received a gift or help from Angyalka Ze before the second mission. Their loved ones and close acquaintances came to help them with cooking. His mother, Tóthné Era, came to Vera Tóth, his friend Janka came to Tornóczky and his wife Zita came to Kristóf Németh. The chefs could not be left out of the gift either, the little winged costume brought them the ugly Christmas sweater, which immediately voted for the most popular sweater. Ákos Sárközi and his Ugly Group won the dubious vote for prestige.

The last confrontation before the end was surrounded by the atmosphere of Christmas. In addition to helping hands, gift boxes were waiting under a tree, hiding raw materials for their use. Kristóf Németh cracked a whole turkey and signature blue lobster, Vera Toth got a whole duck and a half lamb, and Anita and Janka Turnowski found salmon fillets and a whole carp in her box. Among these ingredients, the jury ordered a first-class celebratory appetizer and a main dish in return for making it to the end. The couple’s cooking caused new tensions as the stakes were high.

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Finally, based on the jury’s decision, Vera Toth won the bronze medal, and this year became the best performing competitor for Jenny Rakz. The final will come in the next broadcast, where it will be revealed who will be the new Chef of Hungary!

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