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Announcing the Lost Crown

Announcing the Lost Crown
  • Not very successful Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Whistleblower review
  • Based on the number of the 5 most viewed videos
  • The dislike rate is much higher
  • Most people single out the visuals and the choice of music as negative

This year’s Summer Games festival kicked off with a somewhat surprising announcement, as it turns out The sands of time In addition to the regeneration, which is developing rather slowly, another Prince Fares It is also being prepared. the The missing crown The subtitled episode also resembles classic episodes of the franchise – at least in terms of perspective, since it’s a side-scrolling action-platformer, though this time around 2.5Ds graphics are used. Since nostalgia is such a big deal (especially in the ranks of video games), one could easily think that’s enough to succeed, but the numbers don’t lie, they show that the program (or at least its trailer) was poorly received by audiences. . in a circle.

The VGC article revealed that based on the five most viewed uploads (they can be found on the Ubisoft, PlayStation, Nintendo of America, IGN and GameSpot YouTube channels), the ratio of dislikes to likes is much higher – only on the Nintendo of America channel does the language of the scale tilt towards likes , but only there. Although in general 52691 disliked and The average is 21,163 likes, so only 28% of residents had a positive opinion of what they saw. Judging by the comments, the majority have trouble choosing the music (but really, what is this rap craze these days, anyway, if it’s a video game trailer?), but many also take issue with the rather simple visuals – some wrote that they They can’t wait for the PS2 to come out. There was also a viewer who thought the teaser was good and the game was definitely not going to be bad, nothing to do with it Prince Faresto. We’ll see how much public opinion changes after the longer trailer shown during Ubisoft Forward on Monday, however, the French publisher was certainly expecting a better reception.

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