Today, Ubisoft announced a new Ghost Recon project during a live broadcast

Today, Ubisoft announced a new Ghost Recon project during a live broadcast

On November 13, 2001, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon was released for PC, a tactical shooter game that launched the highly successful series. That is, the series will soon be 20 years old, and Ubisoft decided to celebrate this by announcing a new project.

A broadcast is set up on Ubisoft’s YouTube channel, which begins today at 7 p.m. local time. In doing so, you will be able to learn about the people behind the military franchise, and they will be reminded of all kinds of stories about Ghost Recon games. Of course, what interests us most is the surprise that has yet to be revealed. It’s also not entirely certain that it will be a game, because it’s only referred to as a “completely new project”.

However, the Eurogamer According to him, it will already be a game, at least it has already been leaked in the community forums Some information About a specific Ghost Recon Frontline game. This is supposed to go back to the roots of the franchise, which means we get a frame per second that uses linear paths, so we don’t get another open world map. In principle, this will happen in Vietnam, and the developer will again be Ubisoft Paris, which has also collected the latest parts.

The Ghost Recon games were originally played on smaller maps, but Wildlands 2017 actually used an open world track in the same way as many other Ubisoft franchises. Commando Command in Bolivia was a hit, with over 10 million sold, while 2019 Breakpoint came out in ruins.

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