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Aneko Molnar: “If I can do this for a few more years, I will have enough money to buy one or two properties”

Aneko Molnar: “If I can do this for a few more years, I will have enough money to buy one or two properties”

The former villa resident is sure that he will not cross certain limits even as a sexy model.

Anikko Molnar At first he wanted to become a doctor, but in the end he did not go to university because his mother was unable to finance his studies. the The real world Former actor Quimby Sorel He talked about his life on his podcast, in which he also revealed that at first he didn't understand why people were drawn to him after he appeared on TV.

“I couldn't buy toilet paper calmly,” says Anikko Molnar in the conversation, who over time became so paranoid that even walking the dog became difficult.

“The strange thing for me is that I ended up on billboards without a product,” he adds. Although he thought it was a thing before, he has since realized that it was a “really bad thing.” It also reveals that A He is great I broke up because With Gabor PushkorWho did not accept their relationship. Finally, during the show, the radio host changed his mind and bought her a ring.

Anikko Molnar thought for a year before joining OnlyFans. He searched Facebook for someone who understood how the site worked, and then all the tabloids immediately contacted him. Finally, on February 20, at 11 p.m., they pressed enter. Since then, he has renovated his house and fulfilled some of his old wishes.

“If I can do this for a few more years, I will have enough money to buy one or two properties,” Anikko Molnar said, then added that “the limits have to be pushed hard.” In any case, he is sure that there will be red lines that he will not cross in the future.

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“I will not be a lesbian because, for example, the site requires it,” Anikko Molnar said.

“Whatever suits me, suits me, I have to deal with it myself. As long as I can look in the mirror smiling, there is no problem.”

You can watch the full conversation here:

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