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An open emergency chute accidentally exploded inside the aircraft and struck a crew member

An open emergency chute accidentally exploded inside the aircraft and struck a crew member

The crew didn’t have an easy day either, and one of them ended up in the hospital due to strange abnormalities suffered by the American flight.

Delta Flight 520 from New York to Los Angeles on Saturday made an emergency landing in Salt Lake City due to a technical problem, and was unable to continue flying due to another malfunction. In addition, an air glider inside the aircraft was accidentally activated at the airport, seriously injuring one crew member.

A Delta Boeing 767 with 168 passengers on board was heading to Los Angeles on Saturday, when the plane’s captain announced they had to land in Salt Lake City due to technical difficulties.

The problem was not very serious, the temperature device was faulty, and after it was repaired on the ground, the plane could have continued on its flight. According to the emergency scenario, the Boeing has already made an emergency landing, the passengers left the plane during the repair work, and after a few hours they were able to return to the plane.

Everyone was preparing to take off again, but then an inflatable air duct unexpectedly started in the back of the plane and collided with one of the crew members, who had to be taken to the hospital. One passenger described the unpleasant incident as the slide literally “exploded” inside the plane, knocking the flight attendant out.

According to another source, the chute opened from one of the doors for an unknown reason and then hit the flight attendant’s head. Many passengers disembarked a second time, frightened, while others were angry. Finally, another plane took them to Los Angeles.

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The airline issued a statement in this regard, writing: Delta Flight 520, which was operating between New York and Los Angeles, has landed in Salt Lake City due to a maintenance issue. While on the ground, the plane’s sled accidentally separated. And in order for our customers to reach their final destination as quickly and safely as possible, we have provided them with a new aircraft.

source: New York Post

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